Commercial Pilot Licence


Course Duration: 46 weeks Full Time or Part Time (self-funded only)

Course Start Dates (Full-time):  16 January 2018 (VET Student Loan applications for January are closed) -  April 2018  -  July 2018  -  October 2018
Training Aircraft: Cessna 152, Cessna 172 and Cessna 172RG


Entry Requirements:

Minimum of 15 years of age for first solo flight
Minimum of 18 years of age to hold Commercial Pilot Licence
Pass the Class 1 aviation medical test
Obtain an Aviation Security Idenctification Card (ASIC)
Obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN)
As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, we provide courses which are highly regulated, resulting in a recognised tertiary qualification from Certificate IV to Diploma Courses. There are two ways of achieving a Commercial Pilot Licence. These are the 150 hour integrated course and 200 hour qualification of aeronautical experience.

The 160 Hour approved CPL (Aeroplane) Training Course

The approved CPL(A) training course is an integrated course of both theory and practical aviation training. Students must meet the training requirements; have a minimum of 150 hours total flight time which includes 70 hours general flight time as Pilot In Command, 20 hours of cross country as Pilot In Command and 10 hours of instrument flight time. Students must pass all the theory examinations, be recommended for and pass the Commercial Pilot Licence flight test. Note: (To qualify for the 150 hour CPL syllabus students must be enrolled in 150 hour course from the commencement of their training.)

The 200 Hour CPL (Aeroplane) Qualification

This is where a candidate has gained flying experience by means other than a student on a approved 150 hour CPLA course with a minimum 200 hours total flight time.

Students must meet and hold the following minimum aeronautical experience requirements: including 100 hours flight time as Pilot In Command, 20 hours cross country as pilot in command and 10 hours of instrumental flight time in a registered or recognised aeroplane. Students must pass all the theory examinations, been assessed as having achieved the required standard and be recommended for, and pass the Commercial Pilot Licence flight test.

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